Our Creator / Our Story

Shirley Sheffield is a true visionary of all things in maintaining healthy hair!

Our Motto: A hairstyle is a cooperative effort. Listening, understanding your wishes, quite simply sharing and enjoying the experience.
-Shirley Sheffield

We believe if you are doing a job and everybody only has something good to say you are not doing your best job. A Customers feedback makes you exceptional! It allows you to identify what the customers loves and how to make them want to return! Our experience is unique in that each person that sits in our chair knows we are partners in a relationship that benefits with salon and the individual with excellence.
Born Shirley Jean Lucy, in Marengo county, Alabama Shirley finished high school and during her graduation its was predicted that she would move to New York and become a Stylist! During her high school years she made my money doing hair for friends, cousins and teachers. Shirley sure she wasn’t missing an opportunity or a calling she would get back to that soon enough. After finishing high school she move to Long Island, N.Y., and attended trade school to study computer programming and data processing, working in the field of data entry and electronic and a few other jobs. It was during that time one of her first friends was a beautician and work in the salon with her grandmother who owned her shop. Shirley spent her spare time at the beauty shops and with beauticians and their friends of the same profession, practicing on family and friends.

A few years later after visiting her father in Mobile she married and had one Daughter “Nikki” for whom our salon has been selectively named! Shirley was in search of fulfillment and journey back to her passion, the thing she loved so much she could do for free. So she move back to New York and started the job process over trying to find her place in life.

She enrolled in Ulitistma Beauty School and after finishing Beauty School she was offer a job “teaching at that school” but at that time declined because I was so looking forward to working with Client in a salon setting and owning her own shop! She was sure she wasn’t missing an opportunity or a calling on in the area of teaching she would come back to that soon enough.

She began to do training in the summer and spent time at Dudley training center in Winston Salem North Carolina and Jim Willimans training center in New York City to perfect her skill set. The most exciting part of my training became her expertise developed at WAJ Weaving Center in New York City where she was invited by the owner and the creator of their weaving team to demonstrate their technique at Bronner Brother International Hair Show! It was an awesome experience and honor!

After visiting Atlanta and loving this city she later move in 1989 to open her first salon in midtown. She continued to travel back to New York to enhance her skills training at the Shembi and Melbon training center in chemical in thermal recondition straightener perm and the proper use of the products to maintain truly heathy vibrant hair.

Certifications Include:

WAJ Weaving Center N.Y. (weaving, wig making and application)
Jim Willimans Training Center (Application, perm, color, brushing and comb out styling)
Dudley’s Training Center Winston Salem N.C. (Motivation, detraction and detraction,)